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What clothes are in style for back to school clothes 2013-2014?

.I am 13, female and going to go clothes shopping for school soon. What things are in style? What things arent? I am also going to get a new pair of shoes and cant decide what to get: flats, sneakers or other kinds. Any ideas for cute shoes too? THANKS!!!!


  1. well i would say if you are a fashion follower, look in magazines like Girls Life and Seventeen and Teen Vogue. but if you have your own style, feel free to buy what YOU like!! this year i have a feeling it is still going to be yoga pants, skinny jeans, and the occasional nice dress or skirt. i always get one pair of flats, converse, boots and sneakers for shoes :)
  2. Why follow fashion get your own style
  3. Flats.Even famous designers said that this year flats are in fashion, they are more trendy then the heels right now!
  4. Sperrys or stylish flats from express
  5. There are a lot of different trends going on for this year's back to school season. Some of the most popular items are crop tops, open back dresses, tribal prints, neon, high waisted shorts & skirts, running style shorts, and both tops and bottoms with a high-low hem (where the clothing item is longer in the back than the front). Also, there are some items from past seasons and years that are still "in". This includes PINK yoga pants, jeans (especially skinny and ones with embellished pockets), flannel shirts and pocket t-shirts. I can't think of many things that are now off trend, but I can come up with a few. Really bold animal prints were popular last fall, but now there's more of a floral print trend. Also, the "sassy" t-shirts they have in stores like Sears that have cartoon animals and bad puns on them might be something you don't want to buy. The whole wearing glasses when you don't need them thing is also less popular this year. As far as shoes go, I would go with Sperry Topsider boat shoes, Vans, Toms, or Uggs/ riding boots, depending on your personal style. I suggested Vans, Toms and Sperrys because each of these types of shoes looks great with fancy or casual clothing. I also own a pair of Toms and Vans, and they are extremely comfortable. Also, with the Vans, I've found that they are loved by everyone at my school, from skaters to girly-girls, so if you ever switch your style, you won't have to buy new shoes to match your new clothes. I recommended the Uggs because I live in a northern state that borders Canada, so it gets super cold here. Uggs keep your feet warm, and if you're one of those people who wears leggings and skinny jeans frequently, they can become an essential part of your fall/winter wardrobe. The same thing goes with the riding boots, but in addition to the above, they can be worn into spring, and can be worn with nice clothing to create a formal outfit. Good luck with your shopping! :)