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Do you think this a good idea for generating renweable energy for the future?

.Hello there, thank you for your answers, in advance. Basically here is what I've recently been thinking a lot about, it has to do with the concept of 'Generating and using electricity' freely (means no energy companies charging you money) within the confines of home and domestic lifestyle. So here is my idea, for how I envision people to live off of free energy that they create and store for themselves in their homes, in the future. (I don't know if something similar has been thought of yet. But regardless here it is): The general idea is this: Whatever action a person commits, whether it be walking, running, exercising in gym, typing, talking, basically anything you do which involves parts of your body moving. I thought that a person can use a small portable device (I call it 'The Pod' lol), that your fit onto your wrist or onto your waist belt. And this device basically registers all of your movements throughout a working day, (lets say 8-10 hours of work) and converts your actions and movements into stored energy, i.e. Watts. And also at the same time, it can also use the solar power from the sun, to collect and store energy. i also thought that you can use this pod to fit onto your car. So that kinetic energy produced from the wheels whilst drving around to work can be used to store up and collect electrical energy. Moreover I thought that your car could be fitted with neat, discrete solar panels on the roof or bonnet, so that when you are at work, your Pod device will still be collecting and storing energy from the sun. And at the end of each working day you take you pod device and plug it into your home system, and then this home system will detract all of the energy from the pod to use or store for later. Now im no rocket scientist, so I have no idea on how the intricate details of this device would work. But I sure as hell am aware that it is definetly possible, my question to you however is, is it practical or reliable enough to run a home?


  1. I think its a great idea , but I don't think we have the technology to do it properly yet it would be worth contacting one of the big energy companies and asking them to look at the idea , make sure you get them to sign something stating that if they use the idea in the future you get paid money in some way in the future
  2. This is a good idea. But all people have to understand the energy poverty in the future and they have to to accept the conservation methods. The energy of the whole world can be conserved if we can conserve the energy in all the houses. For that people must reduce the energy usage and they have to store the energy in the home. Industries can conserve a big amount of energy if they can reduce the usage and can plant an energy production plant which consume renewable energy only in their area.
  3. The Biggest issue is the Storage of Energy and at the moment it is Batteries though Solar and Wind energy depending on the Area should be incorporated into the Town, City and Home Planning. All New Housing and Buildings should incorporate Solar or Wind generating Technology. I have 20 Solar panels on my old style roof and I have gone from a $500 a month energy bill to a $30 a month bill. If Houses and Buildings were designed to better Utilise this technology the Energy requirements would be Reduced Dramatically. For if I am Able to replace my existing roof I could have 60 solar panels No Electrical Bill at all and put possibly 8 Kw of energy back to the Grid with just my house
  4. That form of storing kinetic energy is actually being experimented with in shoes. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/06/solepower-mobile-charging_n_3882835.html is one of the many articles on this energy. Also, if I remember correctly, in the UK certain building now have special floors which store energy whenever people step on them. Specifically in high movement location such as train stations and also some dance floors. The problem with all renewable energy lies in time of generation though. Currently, we have to maintain full grip power 100% of the time. Most renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydro, are based on cyclic event. Our time would be better spent on building larger, more efficient batteries which could maintain the grid, so we don't waste most of our energy on nothing. Don't get me wrong, your idea is a good one, and does have some application, but I hold the view that humanities resources are better put into large scale projects which, though they may have a high initial cost, will allow us to save a massive amount of energy in the future. Renewable is there my friend, storage is the real issue.