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How do I clean shoes made fom fabric?

.My shoes are a light beige color, almost white, made from fabric. Bought them at Payless Shoe Source Can I wash them in the washing mashine? If yes, how? Wht cycle? DO i put them in the dryer? Help!


  1. well what kind of fabric? sometimes if you look at the tag it will tell you how to clean them... my guess would be you could put them in the washing machine and just put it on warm water and also you should dry them or they might collect mildew... ewww stinky wet shoes!
  2. When fabric is of canvas material they can be washed in the washer, suggested detergent to use Baby Shampoo as it is much more gentle on the fabric of shoes and cleans very well, use warm water only as hot will shrink as it does with clothes washed in hot water will also make them stiff and brittle, baby shampoo will also lend a nice scent which will remove any shoe odors noses could detect short wash only, do not dry in dryer without a rack as the tumble action can damage the rubber sole, best if dried in a warm room or outside not in direct sunlight as sun can damage the fabric, best very warm day for drying Good Luck !