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What are some awesome and stylish clothing stores?

.I already shop at: Justice Kohls Payless Shoe Source Aeropostale Don't suggest Abercrombie and Hollister. They are dark (especially Hollister) and nothing is see-able I'm in middle school. Also try to put a website of them please, I love shopping!


  1. www.forever21.com pretty cute & goodd priice or PAPAYAA!! www.papayaclothing.com orr www.wetseal.com i prefer forever21 or papaya (:
  2. American Eagle Forever 21 Delias pacsun also Hollister and Abercrombie! lol i know you dont like them but they have really cute clothes. and if you think they are dark shop online! :p
  3. Wet Seal (maybe) Delias Loyal Army Forever 21 (maybe) David and Goliath Nordstrom Teen Shoe Box (small website, no stores) http://www.teenshoebox.com/ Ps: If you put '.com' after mostly all of these, they will come up (or search them in google) Good Luck! :)
  4. OldNavy.com Ae.com (American Eagle) JCP.com (JCPenney) Macys.com These are also great clothing stores, but might be a little "older": Forever21.com CharlotteRusse.com
  5. Charlotte Russe Forever 21 Papaya Pac-sun Zumiez H&M American Eagle [ae.com] Anchor Blue Old Navy [try searching them yahoo or goodle for website]