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How do you stop spammers from invading your email inbox?

.I keep getting annoying messages from, for instance, Payless Shoe Source, online college junk, berryslim diet stuff (yeah, i don't even go on diets...), etc. It is VERY annoying after a while and just clogs up my inbox. This is also for my hotmail inbox. How can I stop this spamming for good? I don't want to get a new account... What can I do? Thanks in advance!


  1. Mail follows a certain 'protocol' and part of it is that when you get your mail from the server, it sends a 'message' back to the sender saying "mail delivered to a valid address" so the spammers know it & keep sending junk, plus spread your address to other spammers. Merely 'deleting' from your mail viewing application will not stop this cycle, and 'block sender' fails because it's only blocks that specific sender...& once they discover your address, all they have to do is change a single character of the senders name, and they start getting their junk through again (depending on your filtering settings). You want to end that notification, from the Server (your ISP) level. Get a program that will 'preview' all mail on the server, and 'bounce' the mail back to the spam sender (your selection); in effect saying, 'This address is invalid' and they eventually stop sending junk. (Not instantly, but it's a start). Try 'Mailwasher' Free, for 1 POP3 mail account. Upgradeable for multiple POP3's & web based mail. (Other applications available here also.) http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/comm/fwspam.html A well know & trusted site.